Welcome     Dr. Tara Loughrey, Director of Education, The Victory Center

  1. SSI, Medicaid Waiver, Special Needs Trust & Guardianship Panel

Barry A. Nelson – Nelson & Nelson P.A.

David Lillesand – Lillesand & Associates P.A.

Bernard A. Krooks – Littman Krooks LLP

Michael Cardello  – MAC Consulting Service, LLC

  • Public Benefits for Children & Adults – Understanding the relationship between Social Security, SSI, Medicare & Medicaid
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Health Insurance Options
  • What Health Insurance Doesn’t Pay For
  • Guardianship in Florida
  • Social Security/SSI Strategies
  1. Ethics (75 minutes) – CLE Accreditation (12:15 – 1:30 PM)

Jan L. Jacobowitz (with students Samantha Iglesias and Alice Kerr)

Lecturer in Law

Director, Professional Responsibility & Ethics Program

University of Miami School of Law

Clients and their guardians or parents do not always agree as to the best course of action. What’s a lawyer to do? Who is the ultimate client?

This interactive legal ethics presentation will explore legal ethics dilemma’s arising for lawyers when representing clients and their caretakers. Issues will include topics such as appropriate communication and the conflicts of interest inherent in engaging with clients with diminished capacity and their guardians. The presentation will also highlight the impact of technology and social media in this area of law. Evidence found on social media and confidentiality compromised by the careless use of technology are concerns to be considered by lawyers and clients alike. The presentation will employ hypothetical fact patterns that will inform the discussion and address all of these issues and the rules pertaining to competence, diligence, communication, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and others.

  1. Service Dogs

Sheryl Scheer


  1. Financials, Long term Care, Annuities and Health Insurance Panel – Moderator: Barry Nelson (Nelson & Nelson)

Marta Goldberg, Grove Bank & Trust

Christian Blocker, CFP® CIMA® CPWA®, Merrill Lynch

Richard K. Newman, Life Audit Professionals, LLC

Howard Lucas, CPA BDO

Christian Blocker – (i) general financial issues, (ii) educating clients & their families, (iii) how

financial services are paid for, and (iv) other investment advice.

Marta Goldberg – (i) trust issues, (ii) selection of Trustees, (iii) types of Trust distributions, such as Pot Trusts or separate Trusts, and (iv) some discussion of investing in today’s market.

Howard Lucas – (i) income tax issues, (ii) medical expense deductions, (iii) medical savings plans,

(iv) update on estate tax laws, (v) potential income tax planning for families with special needs


Richard K. Newman –  (i) life insurance options (term versus permanent), (ii) different types of insurance (including long term, term, long term care, and disability), (iii) what types of insurance are best, and (iv) whether insurance should be owned through Special Needs Trusts, Irrevocable

Life Insurance Trusts, or by owner.