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Admission Process


Schedule a Tour of The Victory Center

Get started by completing and submitting the student application form. Then write to us or call 305-466-1142 to schedule a tour.


Schedule a Student Evaluation

After the tour, you can schedule the Evaluation online or by calling 305-466-1142. Our Director of Education reviews the evaluation and determines eligibility for enrollment and space availability within 2 weeks.


Begin Enrollment at The Victory Center

If eligible and space is available, the enrollment process begins. If no space is available, your child will be put on the waitlist and we will notify you as soon as a space is available.

Complete this Student Application and Intake Form to place your child on the waiting list for our admissions process.



Code of Ethical Conduct

Know your rights and responsibilities as a Victory Center parent in order to create the best possible school experience for you and your child. Call us at 305-466-1142 to request a copy.

Stay up-to-date on upcoming special events, early dismissals,  teacher planning days and more.

Tuition Information

The Victory Center is committed to helping children with autism and related disabilities receive the most effective therapeutic intervention, thereby allowing each child to reach his or her full potential.

Each of our programs are conducted year-round. Students spend the entire school day on a 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 student-teacher ratio across all campus and off-campus activities, thereby combining the highly intensive, individualized program with frequent opportunities for facilitated social interaction.

The actual cost of this program is approximately $65,000 per year, but continuous fundraising efforts and the generous response of the community has allowed us to keep the tuition between $24,600 to $44,400 per year, a fraction of the cost for full time, lifelong care for a dependent adult with autism.

It is our belief that intervention at a young age will reduce or even eliminate this cost to families and society.


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Financial Assistance

The Victory Center Scholarship Program

Partial tuition assistance may be granted to families who demonstrate a need, as determined by our Scholarship Committee.

Family Empowerment Scholarship Unique Opportunities

Contact us for more information.