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Special-education services can be a costly endeavor; because of this, The Victory Center Scholarship
Fund was established to ensure families have access to life-changing services, despite their ability to

Your support will guarantee that families in need have access to high-quality and life-changing
resources that prepare students for success.

Traditional schools tend to lack the necessary resources, expertise, and infrastructure needed to service students on the autism spectrum, particularly students affected by the most severe cases. Fortunately, The Victory Center has been filling this gap and fueling hope for students and families, as our mission is to empower students by providing hope, education, and opportunities.

Unique to the South Florida community, The Victory Center takes an all-in-one approach by offering educational instruction, therapy services, daily living, and employment skills training all under one roof. Our unique model incorporates intensive 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 student to teacher ratios and our highly- trained behavioral health professionals provide instruction in a traditional classroom setting that prepares students for less restrictive learning environments, employment opportunities, and independence in their everyday lives.

In 2019, the fund awarded assistance to 60% of enrolled students. As we seek to continue to help more families than ever before, in 2020, it is our hope that you will support The Victory Center Scholarship Fund.

Your support will make a genuine, lasting impact on those students.

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