How to Make a Victory Pledge

The Victory Center is changing lives, as 1 in 68 people have autism. In 2018, we’re pledging to change more lives with the Victory School opening, a pledge we hope to make with you.

You know how widespread autism is in our community. With a little Pledge, it may surprise you how many more lives we can change together.

Today, we’re launching the Victory Pledges program; a pledge is a solemn promise and commitment to helping students with autism and we need your help:

The $10 monthly pledge equips one of our students with enough school supplies for a year.

The $25 monthly pledge helps us organize more parent workshops and elevate the school experience for every family.

For a $50 monthly pledge, you give a unique learning experience by funding our field trip transportation, tickets and meals.

Your support will make a genuine, lasting impact on those students.

We appreciate your support and anything you can share helps us in our goal to teach many more students. We’re building the school to increase our reach, our research, and helping students with autism find their way with love, attention, and grace.

How to Become a Victory Pledge

How to Help the Victory Center Help More Students

$100 pledge gives

school supplies for a year

$250 helps create

more parent workshops

$500 helps fund field trips,

tickets, and meals

The Victory Center Experience



Logan attends Central Arkansas Christian School. He currently has a 3.5 G.P.A. He plays piano and electric guitar. He is also on the basketball team at school. He loves kayaking and fishing.


Georgina is in 6th Grade at Fienberg Fisher K-8 Center in Miami Beach. She participates in the gifted program for Language Arts and Math. In 2007 she received the President`s Education Award.


Zachary now attends Hollywood Central Elementary Kindergarten. No Shadow Needed. He is currently receiving above average grades!

How to Help the Victory Center

How to Support the Victory Center